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Keepin' It Brief

My name is Celine. I'm a UI Designer living in New York and I'm super passionate about design. I love creating clean interfaces and experimenting with fluid animations. I'm inspired by thoughtful products that have a practical UX approach.

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Churros are awesome.

Some Extra Details

Here's a little more info about me.

Besides school projects, my first experience working in design was during my summer internship at MetLife in 2017. As a front-end developer on a four-person team, I was responsible for modernizing an outdated insurance application.

My passion for staying current with the latest design trends, creating polished user interfaces, and building intuitive experiences makes me a driven design technologist.

In January 2020, I'll be doing some freelance work before I start Flatiron School's UI/UX Design Program in March! I decided to make this jump because I've learned that I work best when I have the opportunity to make an impact through my work and pursue what I'm most passionate about.

As for some of my interests, I love music...a lot. I'm currently learning how to DJ. Other than that, I love to work out. I'm actually glad I do because I'm a major foodie and I have a serious problem avoiding desserts, in case you haven't noticed from the picture above.

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