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Throughout my education and career, I have taken on a growth mindset that has led me down several diverse paths.

I began studying communication design, then pivoted into game design and computer science.

At MetLife, I learned about product life-cycles and how businesses operate by building two web applications, testing various enterprise applications, and assembling vital documentation on legal matters.

While pursuing my UI/UX certification at Flatiron School, I learned that every design decision and outcome should be grounded in research and reasoning. Additionally, I experienced first-hand the importance of strategically evaluating requirements and over-communicating during client projects.

Because of my hybrid background in design and programming, I can communicate with developers to gauge technical feasibility and understand the basics of what can be accomplished with code.

All of this influenced my growth by teaching me to embrace challenges, be open-minded, and observe things from multiple perspectives.

Outside of work, you will most likely find me at the gym, catching up on the latest movies, watching soccer, or listening to upbeat tunes. The interconnectedness of music and fitness and how they form communities and enrich lives intrigues me and has led me to start learning how to DJ.


I'd love to share my thoughts, learn from others, or just have a casual conversation.

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